Portfolio of Completed Projects

Frank Luke Senior Care   July 2011

Biltform Architecture chose our products to keep energy bills in check for this 65 unit 3 story building and a 9,000 sq foot activities building located in Phoenix Arizona.   
Diamondback Stucco Foam was used on the exterior walls which was mated to Thermal Control Membrane which rejects the desert heat and solar heat gain before it gets to the wall.   TCM Tile Underlayment was installed under the concrete roof tile and acts as “outsulation” again, rejecting the heat before it gets to the roof.  This will double the life of the underlayment.  

Our Diamondback Stucco Foam being installed on the exterior walls over the top of our Thermal Control Membrane Space Quilt wall wrap product. This is the most efficient wall system for any climate.
Space Quilt Roofing Underlayment changes the direction of heat before it gets to the roof. Waterproof, windproof, UV proof, lifetime performance warranty.




Extreme makeover Home Edition    March 2007

ABC’s show Extreme Makeover Home Edition was building the most efficient home ever on the program and our products were installed from the crawlspace to the top of the roof.   Tubular skylights, Thermal Control Membrane on the exterior walls, Radiant Barrier Chips in the attic and a 300 Watt solar powered attic venting system.  We also assisted in the erection of several Zomeworks solar tracking systems


ARcadia Remodel   Dec 2016

This  1950′ Arcadia home was added on several times and was in need of just about everything.   There was a total of 11 tons of cooling in the home: two four ton condensing units mated to two gas furnaces that were run in tandem meaning both came on at the same time as they shared one massive supply duct.  
After the demo we installed Daikin Multi-port systems serving a combination of ceiling cassettes, concealed ducted sytems in the attic and a wall mount unit in the laundry room.  All units have IR occupancy sensors which automatically turns on the system only when it senses someone is needing comfort.   We removed 11 tons of cooling and put back 6.5 tons total.  The result?  Electric bill reduction from $510 to $174 tthis with decrease in house temperature from 80F to 74F.     


.   Tubular skylights, Thermal Control Membrane on the exterior walls, Radiant Barrier Chips in the attic and a

This massive great room only has 2 tons cooling it. This is possible due to the heat rejection taking place under the shake roof from the installation of TCM Roofing Underlayment. Most times only one ton is needed for comfort.


This is a Daikin 1 ton ceiling cassette in the master bedroom ceiling. Whisper quiet and super efficient. There are a total of five in the house, one in each bedroom.



This is a Daikin 1.5 ton concealed ducted system which only serves the great room. A similar 1 ton unit is located over the kitchen pantry and is rarely used. A


Stetzmiller Upgrade

After our Demand Reduction Package was installed their energy consumption dropped 50% and now have more comfort.

Two 12″ German made exhaust fans mounted in tandem provide the necessary evacuation of the super heated attic air. Quiet and powerful, never need maintenance.